Video Blogging Tips

How to Video Blog – A Quick start Guide to Get “Vlogging”

You’ve probably heard of the term “blog.” It’s used to describe a regularly updated website that is run by a person which is based on a subject or about one’s own experiences in life.  Blogging has become popular in the last decade, but what’s even been faster in popularity is the term called “vlogging.” Unlike blogging, you don’t have to be an expert at writing. Instead, you have to invest in a few key quality electrical equipment.

What Camera Do YouTube Use?

The very first step to becoming a vlogger is by investing and purchasing a high-quality camcorder, webcam, or vlogging camera. We highly recommend to start out using a webcam rather than a camcorder because you can keep track of what you’re doing on the screen instead of recording yourself blindly. When using a camcorder, you’ll have to keep track of your posture, how you look, and keep in mind the small behaviors and gestures that you do without looking at the footage. You can try and invest in a camcorder that has a flip screen, that way you can see what you’re doing while you’re recording yourself on the camera screen.

Invest in Video Editing Software

There are plenty of free video editing software that are located on the internet. Some PC’s or laptops come with free software, and you can use the software to edit your videos. But, if you want to aim to make high-quality vlog videos and post them to the internet or youtube, then you’re going to want to invest in better editing software. This can help you overlay text or change the URLs on your videos as well as make your transitions from scene to scene even better. See more.

Start Your “Channel”

The next step you’re going to need to take is to create an account on a video hosting website. You’re going to need to create a website on YouTube and claim your channel as being your own. YouTube will help your videos reach more videos and make sharing your videos super easy as well. The more views you accumulate, the more views you can traffic to your blogging website. YouTube is one of the only video hosting websites that offer a code that you can use to copy and paste it into your blogs. You can upload in HD and adjust your video settings accordingly.

Shoot Your Video

Create a studio or a bedroom in which you can shoot your Vlogs with your new Canon vlog camera. It’s best to set your shoot at a place that has good lighting. Make sure that your video is crystal clear and that the camera isn’t too shaky. If you want to attract more people to your vlogs, you’re going to have to make sure that the Vlogs are high quality.

Begin Your Vlogging Journey

As long as you use enough effort to set up your blog account and make quality material, you can essentially talk about anything you like. This means you can educate people, talk about your hobbies, or ramble on about what happened in your day. Don’t try too hard to put on an act, as most people will be drawn to your videos just based on you being yourself. Speak, take time to enunciate, and you’ll be one step closer to becoming a popular best vlogging camera blogger. For more information visit:

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Video Blogging Tips

Choosing a Flip Screen Camera for Vlogging

Thinking of buying a vlogging camera? Well, fortunatelyyou’ve found the best guide for finding the best vlogging camera. Wetheryou’re already a vlogger but seeking to upgrade to a better vlogging camera or you’re just about to start out a vlog and need it a good vlogging camera to start with.

On this guide, we begin using what makes a camera good for vlogging. Then we’ll highlight among the better vlogging cameras in different price ranges which means you can find the right vlogging camera for your financial budget. Our guide features the best vlogging cams of 2017 and will be continually up to date. So without further hold-off, let’s jump directly into it.

What Makes a Good Vlogging Camera?

Image Quality:

The most important aspect of a vlogging camera is image quality. We recommend you look for a camera that reports in at least 1080p or ‘Full HD.’  Anything below that is below the average quality of youtube vlogs and can hinder the progress of your channel. We have stated two 720p vlogging cams in this guide for people on a tight budget. If you’re over a bigger budget and want the best vlogging camera. Go on and select a camera that shoots in 4K or ‘Ultra HD.’ Be aware: if you buy a camera that shoots 4K, you will also need a good computer to change the video footage on.


Video cameras don’t think about a great deal but can get remarkably heavy when you possess one with an extended arm for lots of minutes. The canon vlog camera recommended inside our guide is relatively light so you can take them around all day long and you will not get sore while vlogging. For vlogs where in fact the camera can be established on a tripod or doesn’t need to be transported around, we have also picked some good vlogging cameras for your needs.

Optical Image Stabilization:

It is very common to vlog while walking or doing other activities that involve a whole lot of activity. Although Youtube and video tutorial editing and enhancing software can help stabilize footage a lot, it will not come close to the quality of a vlogging camera with built-in Optical Image Stabilization. This feature aids in preventing shaky video and increase the quality of your vlogs.


Your audiences will not stick around for your complete vlog if indeed they cannot listen to an expressionyou are saying. That is why it isimportant to pay attention to the microphone of a camera before making the purchase. Every camera has a built-in microphone with decent quality but may grab unwanted background noise. Some video cameras have a mike jack, and that means you may use an external microphone for better audio in your vlogs. More details in this post:

Camera Zoom lens:

Given that most of your footage is documented from an arm’s length away it is important to consider a vlogging camera with a zoom lens that offers good training video quality while capturing from close range. Nothing is more troublesome than being out of focus generally of your vlog.


Which concludes our guide to locating the perfect vlogging camera for your finances and needs.Hopefully, you have found the perfect vlogging camera for you! We Recommend you also add a Sdcard to your shopping cart software (since most cameras dispatch without one) when making the purchase. Also, consider adding an extra battery depending which canon vlog camera you select if you get access to a charger during the day.

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Video Blogging Tips

Launching a YouTube Career

When it comes to working as an “internetainer,” as YouTubers Rhett and Link call it, there is the expectation that you’re flying solo, because that’s how the job title was born. People simply took it upon themselves to do this entertainment “job” as an unpaid hobby, simply because of the urge to create something, until the powers that be saw fit to capitalize on the growing popularity of YouTube and create an entire industry out of the whole affair. But, it still boils down to you being more or less alone, so get ready to work hard to realize your vision and get paid for it. Luckily, you’re not one of the pioneers of the industry, so you’ve got a backlog of prior experience to draw from when pursuing a career in this field. So, I’m here today to give you some basic tips to make your YouTube channel, or any other solo entertainment project, a success.

First and foremost, be topical. If you’re running a gaming channel, play, talk about, or both, newer games. Covering a game the day of release is a huge boon to views, and views eventually translate to monetary value. Likewise, if you’re doing a news show, you’ll want to talk about current events. Unless it’s pretty huge significance, you won’t want to talk about anything over a week old. Staying on top of trends is incredibly important in terms of maintaining, or simply establishing, relevance. After all, the search algorithm can only do so much to guide users to you.

Another thing to consider is production value. This may or may not be relevant, depending on what you can afford starting out. However, it’s still important advice in the long term, so listen up. You’re going to want the best equipment available to you. You’re probably going to need a video camera, for starters, but the professionals tend to also use microphones for independent audio of higher quality. This also requires editing to pait the audio with the video, so you need editing software, and Windows Movie Maker, if it even still exists, won’t cut it. There’s also your set, if you’ll be needing one. You’ll have to take a trip to Home Depot for the supplies you need to DIY yourself the set that fits your content. You may also need a green screen, but the dirty little secret here is that a green screen is just the color, so a painted wall works just fine, and blue is another common color used for this technique.

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Video Blogging Tips

How to Make a Vlog People Will Actually Watch

You might have a great vlog camera, and you consider starting a vlog that will get popular. However, you need to make a vlog that people will actually watch. There are many things that you should consider, in order to make a great vlog. There are many people that are vlogging at the moment, and you need to have something different and unique in order to make your vlogging available. Here are a couple of things that you need to consider, in order to make your vlog successful:

Know what you are talking about

When you are in front of a vlog camera, you need to make sure that you know what you are talking about. It will not help when you are trying to get people to watch your vlog, when you are trying to know what you are talking about.

People can see when you don’t really know what you are talking about, and this will make them frustrated. At the end of the day, they are not going to watch your vlog again.

The vlog should not be too long

The last thing that people want is to listen for hours to one vlog. The whole idea of a vlog is to make it as short as possible. This is why you should make sure that when you are in front of your best vlogging camera that you don’t vlog too long.

And, when you are done with the vlogging, you need to go through the video and make sure that you are speaking clear and not too long. This is why you should edit the vlog before you are sending it online.

Confidence is the key

It is easy to see if you don’t have any confidence when you are vlogging. This is the last thing that people want to listen to or watch when you are using a vlog camera; someone that is not confidence and that doesn’t believe in themselves.

The most successful vlogs are those that are going to be spoken by confidence people and that is able to show that they are confidence and really believing in what they are saying.

You should be friendly as well

Smiling and being friendly is really important when you are going to vlog and record your vlog on one of the best vlogging cameras on the market. Even if you have a strong subject that, you are talking about. You can be friendly and be able to get your point across. Being mad and not smiling will not get you to let people watch your vlog.

There are many things that you should consider when you are going to record a vlog. There are many people that have made a success with vlogging, but then they know what to look for and how to make their vlogs interesting. And, they are making sure that they remember these things on how you can get people to watch your vlog when you have record it, using a vlog camera and posted it online.

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Video Blogging Tips

Using Videos and Vlogs As Internet Strategy to Get Visitors

Using Videos and Vlogs As Internet Strategy to Get Visitors

Videos are the best and most effective way for you to get message across to different viewers, though even now they are under used. With the explosion of web 2.0, all videos could be supported mostly by sites and also it could be hosted cheaply. “Vlog” is a short term for video blogging or Vlogging.For more information visit It is a kind of blog that uses a video being the primary content and is technically linked within video blog posts. This Vlog were accompanied through supporting text, images, and also meta data which will provide context for all the video. A Vlog is like a blog. It is updated regularly, and generally includes personal reflections and comments. It often takes an advantage on RSS for any syndication towards other sites and any aggregator software.

Why Use Videos?

If audio has a more impact over text, visual impact is better still. A video has the cutting edge over other media. It will lead to towards more personalization but greater customer collaboration.

Using Videos and Vlogs As Internet Strategy to Get Visitors

Here are some of business videos:

  • A Product demonstration
  • Services presentation
  • CEO speech
  • A Procedure explanation
  • Different uses of certain products
  • A funny video
  • Making interaction
  • Sharing and acquisition of knowledge through peer-to-peer

Earlier videos were being used sparingly due to bandwidth limits and also the ridiculous loading times. Furthermore, content was then needed for optimization. However, through the introduction of this Video Sitemap Protocol maximization of all the videos have been made possible. Furthermore, there are already such dedicated media providers and servers that would take good care of podcasting and or Vlogging.


  • A microphone that is compatible with the Nikon vlogging camera you are using.
  • A webcam or camcorder which will allow you to make your recording and to be save it to your computer hard disc or hard drive.
  • Video software for editing.

How will it Work?

  1. Prepare the microphone.
  2. Prepare your webcam or camcorder.
  3. Prepare your Vlog content
  4. Record your Vlog.
  5. Upload or post the recorded Vlog file to Google video or on You Tube.
  6. Get the possible embedding code of the uploaded File.
  7. Have that embedding code to be copied.
  8. Create or record another Vlog post using your best vlogging camera.
  9. Paste your embedding code on the purpose of having n new Vlog file post.
  10. Have your new Vlog be posted or uploaded.

In uploading your video, you must also consider checking on the video host before your decide uploading it if you want to have the best quality. And what should you check? Here are the list:

  • Check other videos on the website
  • Limitation of the file size
  • Storage capacity
  • The uploading formats
  • The viewing formats
  • Its compression quality
  • The video downloads
  • Its editing capabilities
  • The type of audience
  • Video sharing
  • Video player

Post your videos now and enjoy how your life changes for the better. There is no harm in trying! Think positive and everything will went right at the right time.Continue Reading

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Video Blogging Tips

How to Make Money Off a Blog: YouTube Vlogs

How to Make Money Off a Blog: YouTube Vlogs

In this day and age, it would be unusual to hear an individual who says that they didn’t know what You Tube. However, if in the case that someone hasn’t heard of it, You Tube refers to a video-sharing site that was created back in 2005 and was then bought by Google in late November 2006. This is the company, which now operates as the subsidiary for any part of the Google empire utilizing Adobe Flash Video and also HTML5. You Tube is able to display any amateur video content like educational videos, video blogs (Vlogs) and short videos. The major video content a You Tube has to display are clips from movies and Television. Google is ranked first as the largest website, followed by You Tube.

With the high rise of You Tube’s fame come Vlogs, and it is no surprise to anybody that anyone can managed to earn money out of a blog. A Vlog, in its simple understanding, is that it is certain form of a web television to which anything can be done at any rate using camera such as canon vlog camera. Well, anyway, this article aims you to look towards new and an alternative source of income and you will get started with it. Make your Vlog and you will earn. Many will be asking, is it really worth it? The answer is… an astounding big YES! You Tube is widely available and free for all. All you have to prepare is: a descent webcam or camera, a computer, a fast Internet connection, and there you are! Basicallyon your way.

How to Make Money Off a Blog: YouTube Vlogs

What will be your material to feature on you own Vlog? Basically, anything that you want. What would be the most important thing here, is that you have something to share over the world through your Vlog. It would be about playing music, doing stunts, cooking, etc. With just a proper tools and equipment plus a safety warnings most especially everything will be fine. Another material that you can feature will also be about discussing something and or playing jokes around which you are proud to share about. Always remember that anything goes in You Tube is good for as long as it does not hurt and insult anybody, it is not an illegal acts, and or it is not boring. Once your Vlog is good, then go ahead and be ready to share it to the whole world.

Another way that you can gain from Vlogging, is that you have to search for an audience. This is very important. Though there are some of your friends that will only view your post once, but do not be affected about it. Read more details here Expand your posts by using Facebook, twitter, or you may promote it ( of course within a certain reason). You may also use your group sites to promote your Vlogs. Then if you catchup an audience, then make sure they will comeback. Answer their comments also if possible. Start a conversation with them.

After this set up, you can start the ball rolling. You can make money now using your Vlog camera. That is how simple it is! Continue Reading.


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Video Blogging Tips

How to Video Blog – A Quick start Guide to Get “Vlogging”

How to Video Blog - A Quick start Guide to Get "Vlogging"

A Vlog is a form of blog that contains video content. Vlogging is becoming more and more common as a way of selling products or services or just letting others know about something you like. It is cheap to do and the supporting software is great and easy to use. Vlogging will allow online businesses and individual to achieve several important things over traditional blogging. Let’s consider these important pointers here: Read more details

  • Vlogging is fast.
  • Vlogging can create intimacy with your readers.
  • Vlogging lends credibility towards your message.
  • Vlogging will strengthen within your brand.
  • Vlogging is affordable.

How to do Vlogging

Video blogging is simple and easy. Once you catch the basics of it, it will only a matter of knowing it better and then doing it so well. Vlogging will always be about having a constant practice, forming a good attitude and habits, and be consistent.

How to Video Blog - A Quick start Guide to Get "Vlogging"

Let us get started here:

  1. Purchase first your favorite vlogging camera with flip screen.
  2. Software for video editing will give better results, though it is not that crucial thing to do.
  3. Create your You Tube site or account and then have your You Tube channel to be claimed.
  4. Plan your blog right there.
  5. Be ready now to shot and record your video.

What to prepare.

  • Make it concise. Make it around 2-5 mins if possible. This is its optimal time frame for one Vlog.
  • Treat Vlogging similar to that of blogging.
  • If shooting indoors, make sure that there will be adequate lighting.
  • Make sure you be the star of your Vlog not just in the background.
  • For women – apply simple but elegant makeup.
  • To all of you guys – please do comb your hair and make short trimmings of your eyebrows and also your nose hair. This is also important as presenter.
  1. Take first a deep breath and shoot your video patiently.
  2. In the case that you have a software for editing, makes of the following:
  • Add URL and also you name or any other necessary details about your identity at the bottom of your frame.
  • Cut the possible awkward moments found on the video during the editing.
  1. You are so lucky if ever you do not have any editing software. The You Tube will offer an ability for you add your captions and so with your annotations towards your vids. Don’t worry about this, because this just easy and simple when use.
  2. Upload your recorded video to your account in You Tube.
  3. Publish now your video blog using your own You Tube account. Remember to include common elements which will enhance the usability and also the search visibility. Which will mean:
  • Write your keyword, and descriptive title of your post.
  • Do a brief introductory paragraph telling what your post/video all about.
  • Add a certain meta description that will your vlog to appear enticing, especially at the search engine pages.
  • When your blogging system will not add a specific title, make sure to add one by using post-title.
  • Snag the hidden code from the video towards your You Tube to add your video blog towards your post.
  1. Market your video with the help of your best vlogging camera.Continue Reading. . .


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