Launching a YouTube Career

When it comes to working as an “internetainer,” as YouTubers Rhett and Link call it, there is the expectation that you’re flying solo, because that’s how the job title was born. People simply took it upon themselves to do this entertainment “job” as an unpaid hobby, simply because of the urge to create something, until the powers that be saw fit to capitalize on the growing popularity of YouTube and create an entire industry out of the whole affair. But, it still boils down to you being more or less alone, so get ready to work hard to realize your vision and get paid for it. Luckily, you’re not one of the pioneers of the industry, so you’ve got a backlog of prior experience to draw from when pursuing a career in this field. So, I’m here today to give you some basic tips to make your YouTube channel, or any other solo entertainment project, a success.

First and foremost, be topical. If you’re running a gaming channel, play, talk about, or both, newer games. Covering a game the day of release is a huge boon to views, and views eventually translate to monetary value. Likewise, if you’re doing a news show, you’ll want to talk about current events. Unless it’s pretty huge significance, you won’t want to talk about anything over a week old. Staying on top of trends is incredibly important in terms of maintaining, or simply establishing, relevance. After all, the search algorithm can only do so much to guide users to you.

Another thing to consider is production value. This may or may not be relevant, depending on what you can afford starting out. However, it’s still important advice in the long term, so listen up. You’re going to want the best equipment available to you. You’re probably going to need a video camera, for starters, but the professionals tend to also use microphones for independent audio of higher quality. This also requires editing to pait the audio with the video, so you need editing software, and Windows Movie Maker, if it even still exists, won’t cut it. There’s also your set, if you’ll be needing one. You’ll have to take a trip to Home Depot for the supplies you need to DIY yourself the set that fits your content. You may also need a green screen, but the dirty little secret here is that a green screen is just the color, so a painted wall works just fine, and blue is another common color used for this technique.

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