Planning to start your Vlog? Here’s how to record and edit quality videos on your phone


Most Vlogspecialists concur that gadgets reason worked for video (camcorders, DSLRs, prosumer cameras) can catch preferable video over cell phones. Be that as it may, they are not in every case simple to convey and not as adaptable with regards to moment availability. This is the place cell phones assume an essential job the associated idea of a telephone implies that you can do significantly something beyond catch video.

Film FV-5

This application offers unlimited oversight over settings while shooting a video. You can change presentation, ISO, white equalization and even the metering mode for a video. There are numerous alternatives for choosing video centre mode (self-adjust, full scale, face identification, contact centre). You even pick a group, video goals (relies upon the telephone abilities), bitrate, outline rate and shading stations. Likewise, there is a choice to switch between sound hotspots for the video (worked in mid, outer mic and Bluetooth mic). The Lite form of as far as possible video goals and recording time — this can be evacuated by obtaining the Proform for Rs 150.


If you need to make innovative recordings and feel that the default camera application is restricting you, at that point, this free application is the appropriate response. The application gives you a chance to add artistic impacts to your video — there are more than 90 embellishments extending from awfulness, science fiction to fiasco impacts. The main catch is that you should exclusively download your preferred enhancement within the application first. The application expects you to adjust your camera to the format of the impacts (checked through red lines in the review) for best outcomes — you can even pick the impacts exactness, video channels and audio cues for every video. After the video is handled, you can impart it to your companions from within the application or spare it to distributed storage — a duplicate is consequently spared in your telephone.

ProMovie Recorder

In case you’re one of the individuals who needthe most extreme command over the video being recorded, this application is intended for you. ProMovie Recorder gives you alternatives to change goals (it bolsters up to 4k), outline rates, viewpoint proportions and even video bitrate quality. You get onscreen controls for introduction, ISO, white equalization and up to 3x advanced zoom. It additionally incorporates propelled controls for sound chronicle, for example, input gadgets, sound increase and sound arrangement. You can watch out for sound with the volume level pointer on-screen. The free form puts a watermark on the video. To dispose of the watermark, you pay Rs 250. Check here.


Apple comprehended the user’s requirement for cutting edge impacts and highlights for recordings and henceforth propelled their different application called Clips. This is for individuals who locate the bigger video editing applications like iMovie excessively muddled. It’s significantly more instinctive and deals with the entangled stuff for you. There are different channels, impacts, enlivened discourse air pockets, emoticons and stickers you can apply to your video. Something that separates Clips is the mode that naturally adds content captions to your video. You can even include foundation sound from a rundown of soundtracks or your music gathering.


If you feel that editing a Vlogvideo on the little screen of your cell phone is troublesome, you can alter on an internet browser. YouTube offers an incredible implicit video managersimply transfer your video,and before presenting it on the web, you can get to the video editorial manager. Magisto additionally offers an online video proofreader at with comparative highlights to the application.

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