Using Videos and Vlogs As Internet Strategy to Get Visitors

Videos are the best and most effective way for you to get message across to different viewers, though even now they are under used. With the explosion of web 2.0, all videos could be supported mostly by sites and also it could be hosted cheaply. “Vlog” is a short term for video blogging or Vlogging.For more information visit It is a kind of blog that uses a video being the primary content and is technically linked within video blog posts. This Vlog were accompanied through supporting text, images, and also meta data which will provide context for all the video. A Vlog is like a blog. It is updated regularly, and generally includes personal reflections and comments. It often takes an advantage on RSS for any syndication towards other sites and any aggregator software.

Why Use Videos?

If audio has a more impact over text, visual impact is better still. A video has the cutting edge over other media. It will lead to towards more personalization but greater customer collaboration.

Using Videos and Vlogs As Internet Strategy to Get Visitors

Here are some of business videos:

  • A Product demonstration
  • Services presentation
  • CEO speech
  • A Procedure explanation
  • Different uses of certain products
  • A funny video
  • Making interaction
  • Sharing and acquisition of knowledge through peer-to-peer

Earlier videos were being used sparingly due to bandwidth limits and also the ridiculous loading times. Furthermore, content was then needed for optimization. However, through the introduction of this Video Sitemap Protocol maximization of all the videos have been made possible. Furthermore, there are already such dedicated media providers and servers that would take good care of podcasting and or Vlogging.


  • A microphone that is compatible with the Nikon vlogging camera you are using.
  • A webcam or camcorder which will allow you to make your recording and to be save it to your computer hard disc or hard drive.
  • Video software for editing.

How will it Work?

  1. Prepare the microphone.
  2. Prepare your webcam or camcorder.
  3. Prepare your Vlog content
  4. Record your Vlog.
  5. Upload or post the recorded Vlog file to Google video or on You Tube.
  6. Get the possible embedding code of the uploaded File.
  7. Have that embedding code to be copied.
  8. Create or record another Vlog post using your best vlogging camera.
  9. Paste your embedding code on the purpose of having n new Vlog file post.
  10. Have your new Vlog be posted or uploaded.

In uploading your video, you must also consider checking on the video host before your decide uploading it if you want to have the best quality. And what should you check? Here are the list:

  • Check other videos on the website
  • Limitation of the file size
  • Storage capacity
  • The uploading formats
  • The viewing formats
  • Its compression quality
  • The video downloads
  • Its editing capabilities
  • The type of audience
  • Video sharing
  • Video player

Post your videos now and enjoy how your life changes for the better. There is no harm in trying! Think positive and everything will went right at the right time.Continue Reading

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