How to Video Blog – A Quick start Guide to Get “Vlogging”

A Vlog is a form of blog that contains video content. Vlogging is becoming more and more common as a way of selling products or services or just letting others know about something you like. It is cheap to do and the supporting software is great and easy to use. Vlogging will allow online businesses and individual to achieve several important things over traditional blogging. Let’s consider these important pointers here: Read more details

  • Vlogging is fast.
  • Vlogging can create intimacy with your readers.
  • Vlogging lends credibility towards your message.
  • Vlogging will strengthen within your brand.
  • Vlogging is affordable.

How to do Vlogging

Video blogging is simple and easy. Once you catch the basics of it, it will only a matter of knowing it better and then doing it so well. Vlogging will always be about having a constant practice, forming a good attitude and habits, and be consistent.

How to Video Blog - A Quick start Guide to Get "Vlogging"

Let us get started here:

  1. Purchase first your favorite vlogging camera with flip screen.
  2. Software for video editing will give better results, though it is not that crucial thing to do.
  3. Create your You Tube site or account and then have your You Tube channel to be claimed.
  4. Plan your blog right there.
  5. Be ready now to shot and record your video.

What to prepare.

  • Make it concise. Make it around 2-5 mins if possible. This is its optimal time frame for one Vlog.
  • Treat Vlogging similar to that of blogging.
  • If shooting indoors, make sure that there will be adequate lighting.
  • Make sure you be the star of your Vlog not just in the background.
  • For women – apply simple but elegant makeup.
  • To all of you guys – please do comb your hair and make short trimmings of your eyebrows and also your nose hair. This is also important as presenter.
  1. Take first a deep breath and shoot your video patiently.
  2. In the case that you have a software for editing, makes of the following:
  • Add URL and also you name or any other necessary details about your identity at the bottom of your frame.
  • Cut the possible awkward moments found on the video during the editing.
  1. You are so lucky if ever you do not have any editing software. The You Tube will offer an ability for you add your captions and so with your annotations towards your vids. Don’t worry about this, because this just easy and simple when use.
  2. Upload your recorded video to your account in You Tube.
  3. Publish now your video blog using your own You Tube account. Remember to include common elements which will enhance the usability and also the search visibility. Which will mean:
  • Write your keyword, and descriptive title of your post.
  • Do a brief introductory paragraph telling what your post/video all about.
  • Add a certain meta description that will your vlog to appear enticing, especially at the search engine pages.
  • When your blogging system will not add a specific title, make sure to add one by using post-title.
  • Snag the hidden code from the video towards your You Tube to add your video blog towards your post.
  1. Market your video with the help of your best vlogging camera.Continue Reading. . .


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